Most landlords are stymied by selling a rental home with the tenants still in the home.  And of course this may not be the ideal situation, but there are ways to complete a sale, if it suits your needs, even while the tenants are still in the property.

And while we can only schedule a small number of these, we at times buy homes directly from the owner if they fit our ability to improve the property at the end of the tenancy period, and then sell. If you have a home like this, we are happy to look and give you a price.  And, at the same time we can also determine your most effective ways to improve the property and sell at the end of your tenancy period. In most situations, when an outright purchase of your home does not bring the best outcome for your needs, we will work with the tenant to schedule a basic clean up of the property and showings of the property once it is on the market. With a little cooperation, sometimes based on a financial benefit to the tenant, we can often sell the property while a tenant is still occupying the property, particularly if the term of the tenancy is short.

You would be expected to do better financially if you wait until the end of your tenancy period, and sell to the open market. However you may have other motivations… the desire to purchase another property now, etc.